Drive a new Forester : R 4 800 pm
Drive a New Legacy : R 7 300 per month
Drive a New Outback : R 6 700 per month
Drive a New WRX : R 6 600 per month
Drive a New XV : R 4 400 per month


What is adventure?

Is it a road less travelled or a challenge conquered? The choices you make or that escape you find? At Subaru we know adventure is in the ambitions that drive you and the dreams that inspire you. Whatever your adventure, we have a car for you!

The best adventure, is yours.

All prices shown are recommended retail prices, which are not binding on the dealers. The recommended retail price excludes dealer delivery and related charges. All product features, specifications and options are subject to change without notice. Dimensions, capacities and performance specifications apply to standard vehicles. We are here to serve you in a professional, affordable and caring manner. Whatever it is you want or need, we will go the extra mile to fulfil your wishes and to give you peace of mind.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our dealership.

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